When Bored Men Became Gods

 It is not the first time that this topic has ever been discussed. I have personally heard and read upon this multiple times over past years. For quite sometime have been wanting to write a post about it. And here on Sir Arthur Tux, it makes sense to put such post here.

Throughout human evolution, we have all heard of the existence of gods. (And I put that lower case for a reason.) But who were they? Did they really exist? Or were they all just a myth?

The perspectives that drives the pushing force behind them came from multiple places. And a perspective that rang loud gaining my attention over most…was the idea that the perspective of these gods was nothing more than a lie.

Before the eyes and ears of our ancestors, these gods were know to have been molded to reflect after existing human figures who were able to overcome various feats. As their fables were retold, with each pair of lips that would ever echo their recounts…would entice listeners by contributing elements to enhance their perspective before their audiences. Before you know it, there was a tale of how your average ‘Jack’…who originally went to go fetch a pail of water…returned from this awesome adventure. An adventure overcoming unimaginable obstacles. Slaying dragons, defeating armies single-handedly, and living fantasy lives where women adored and threw themselves at his feet. Jack in time would become more than a boy who went to fetch a pail of water…he became a god.

In another light, there were others who spoke…about a different perspective. One that appeared to make more sense to me. It was the thought…that some of these gods really did not exist in the way which history had portrayed them to be. But a creation…from the human imagination of the ‘wealthy’…and ‘bored’.

So lets take a step back to picture a perspective. Imagine a rich, wealthy, tall, strong, beautiful/handsome figure. One that has overcome many challenges, and held an incredible (and credible) story behind them. A story where they managed to raise themselves up to a position of control, and kingdom-ship. One who conquered all of the known lands, and destroyed his enemies. You lack nothing…what is to become of the rest of your life? Does one just sit and twiddle their thumbs? Or is it a life similar to that of Hugh Hefner with beautiful bunnies roaming and tending to please your whims and needs the rest of your life. With time…that can actually get boring. (What’s going on today? Wow…again…how exciting.)

A philosopher put into perspective, that these powerful figures at a point in time…come to a point in their lives where they became very bored of their own success. Yes, BORED!!! Imaging your life. If all of your obstacles and challenges would have been conquered and overcome…what would be next? Although yes…we could take a period to live differently and enjoy the pleasures that replaced the strife and turbulent filled pasts…there would come a point where we too could become bored. Especially once you hit that point where you no longer have to lift a finger ever again.

Baby boomers will soon experience this effect and perspective. Especially those who were successful at being able to properly generate a financial nest egg that would care for them the rest of the way. So what next?

In ancient times, these BORED wealthy and powerful figures…decided to take a very devious turn. While bored and being feared by the people…some demanded to be worshiped as gods. To be treated and respected as such. As a result, some of them had statues made in their image. And documented their struggles with exaggerated perspectives of the challenges they actually lived. With time, some even took steps to play and toy with the lives of their subjects in ways that before their own minds were considered ‘godly’. They would kill people just to see how others would react. They would kidnap a person, and for a ransom…entertain themselves by not claiming a cash ransom…but by sending a ‘savior’ on an impossible life journey to accomplish a mission. Just to see if there were any other people out there that could be worthy of a solution for the kidnapping.

As disgusting as this may be…it is true. A practice that is perfectly reflected even in children movies today. (To the knight in shining armor who can defeat the dragon, can hold the privilege to marry the beautiful princes.) I promise, this is not something new.

Although this evil and sin-full practice existed…it did not last forever. Today our world might hold similar stories and situations, but scaled down to realistic perspectives.

They say that ‘Money’ is the root of all evil. But in the lives of those who live to strive to turn themselves into ‘gods’…that is definitely well rewarded by devious karma.

As we strive for success…deviant results have long started to fade into the shadows of human history’s murky past. This perspective is being trampled by new aspirations and new practices. Mother Teresa was only one incredible figure…who showed us an incredible example.

Now…I am not saying one needs to sell everything and move to Africa or India to change the world. That is not today’s message. But I want to bring you to an incredible cross road that may help launch you in a certain direction…that will not only change your life…but also the lives of countless others.

As you will come to know me, and the philosophies by which I preach…the core driving force of many relies in the three simple requests you have and will hear me speak of often. Before you become or even start your path towards being rich and successful…think about this. What will you do with your life and money…once it has all been done and dealt with? Eventually you will come to a point where you won’t ever have to raise another finger ever again. And when that point in your life comes…what will you do next?

Most people who seek knowledge, are primarily driven by a force to make ‘more money’. Without it…the dreams that lie in our selfish hearts cannot come to manifest themselves. Without ‘money’….we cannot experience the life, triumphs, and joys…of which we dream of at night. Upon your death bed, will you really be able to look back and say that you have been able to really do the most of what you wanted and could have done in life?

Without any regrets, I invite you to explore success…but not from the same perspective of these so called ‘gods’. I invite you to begin to live life in a way that will not only change your life or that of your family…but as well of countless others…that you have never even met. When you finally die…how do you want to be remembered? What will you really leave behind…by which people will talk about for years to come. Money fades…and easily erodes in vast length of human history. Would you like to have your memory…fade…in a way where your memory…ended in the minds of your grandchildren. And after them, and time after your death…you were never mentioned again.

In my perspective, I do not want to die…without knowing that I was able to leave an eternal legacy behind. I do not wish to become a ‘god’ like figure similar to those whose names still are echoed strongly in history classes and lectures. I would like to have people not talk about who I was…but instead talk about what I have done for others. There is a driving force within me…that exceeds far beyond traditional thoughts. I would like to come to live…in the memories far beyond that of my grandchildren. And well far beyond them.

If you feed a man a fish…you have fed him for a day. If you teach him to fish…you would have fed him for a lifetime. But I SAY: if you teach that man to do that…and how to be prosperous, generous, and to teach others…you would have not only fed a multitude…but saved many generations to come. This is who I am…this is what I want to do.

The whole concept of ‘Sir Arthur Tux’ was created not only to help guide a person to wealth, but to an amazing and incredible life filled with blessings…that money cannot ever buy you.

Even the rich are poor. For when a rich man falls sick…that is when he truly discovers…how great a man he really was. By how he is treated and sought…during his time of need. If you were to become ill, sick, handicapped…who would actually go out of their way for you?

There are three principles that will echo in the light that is cast in the trajectory of the architect behind the Tux.

1. Regardless of faith denomination…give 10% to your church. It is a duty ordered in the books of faith. A calling and respect that is to be paid to the God that exists in your heart. Don’t give conditionally, as its not your job to put any condition upon what is not rightfully yours. It is up to God…to decide how his 10% is to be spent. His gratitude in exchange for your faithfulness…will be rewarded by good karma.

2. As you build your wealth with the knowledge that I teach…help others in vast ways. You do not have to give everything away…but learn to give the best of you to others. Donate to organizations that do good. Go and help victims close and afar with their circumstances that they cannot overcome. Do the things that you will be able to do…that others cannot in the pursuit of making life better. Knowledge might have helped us live better lives, but also help make the lives of others…better.

3. Teach others…these three principles. Although it is a blessing to be blessed to help others. Help guide others to do the same. This world is filled with much evil. And although we can do our share to make things better…we alone cannot overcome all of the world’s perils. We need help. Team up with others, learn from each other…and push to strive to make not only your world, but that of others…a far better place to life.

Through applying these three principles…you will come to discover…an incredible life. Your children and those who will come to learn of you will be amazed. Amazed at how you do your part at being a person that is far greater than their obstacles.

Although money, might bring you a wealthy life…wealth alone cannot fill your table with faithful loyal hearts. Applying these principles will slam doors open in hallways where before you could only see walls. We all hold dear dreams to live better lives, than the ones we live today. We dream to make the lives of our children better. We dream to help make the lives of our family better. But when you add a step to help outside of your circles…the boundaries are endlessly filled with blessings that exceed that of your own.

With time, you will come to discover a whole new trend. A trend, where the ‘gods’ of yesterday, have faded. People will no longer talk as much about the fables that have long faded after the deaths of stories told long ago. But will be ever replaced by the countless and ongoing number of stories…of people like you…taking the time to change the lives of others in this world. I know in my heart…that this is not the only thing that I want for myself. But know that deep inside of you…you too want, can, and will do the same.

If the thought of making more money brought you here, that is great. We opened with a thought. ‘Because everyone deserves a chance at being rich and wealthy‘. Well, I close with, ‘because everyone deserves a chance at a better life’.

A toast…not to your dreams and aspirations of the past…but to the success of the new future that through a Tux…have been born for the generations ahead. I believe in you, and am here to help you learn.

The best of wishes, I look forward to getting to know you,

– Sir Arthur Tux. 


Our dreams are usually filled with selfish intention. And when it comes to making more money, it is human to just think, well I want a bigger house. I want a new car. I want better stuff. I want to go places. I want to eat better. I want…I want…I want…I want.

How many people exist in this world, that don’t want what we want? How many people exist that just want something to eat? How many people exist that just want a warm place to sleep?

There was a time in which I too lived filled with worries. I did not know from where I was going to be able to buy food. From where was I going to get money to pay for gas? How was I going to be able to pay this month’s cell phone bill? How were the bills going to be paid? There were times where I even thought…I am sick…how am I even going to be able to pay for some medications…to help me get better.

Time and time again, I have hit points where I have been brought to my knees to cry. Again, and again. But through this, have also learned that I am not alone in feeling this way. There are many others.

For years, we have heard of people loosing far more than what we have. Recently I have heard of a large family that had their trailer home burned to the ground along with everything they had. It is December right now. Where will they sleep? Will their children be cold tonight? Shoot, and I thought I had it bad.

I am glad that God has humbled me various times in my past. There must have been this incredible message that he wanted me to see.

Although we all share the same worries…living pay check to pay check. We need to adjust our focus. It is not until God sees us beginning to help others…that is when he begins to see how valuable we can be. Not necessarily to him…but others. From a divine perspective…add value to helping others…and the momentum will come help you continue to help others.

A dream I hold within…is to someday be able to come to a point…where if I hear that there is a family who’s trailer has been burned down…that there is something that I can do about it. That I can rally a handful of friends…and together buy that family a new home. Fill their refrigerator with food so that their children do not go hungry…as I have in my past. And to fill their christmas tree with gifts. To also give them some money to help them pay for gas and some expenses, as they adjust past their current tragedy.

Money will come naturally as part of the overall formula. I know that God will take care of us, as long as we help him look out for his other children. Please join me in helping make the lives of strangers better. I promise…it will be a life filled with blessings. You might not be able to help out at first, as we first need to get you to a certain point. But once achieved…the boundaries will be endless. I believe in you, and look forward to meeting you soon.

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