Until It Catches Fire

‘Passion’ can be many things. It can be beautiful, sexy, powerful, elegant, seductive, and alluring. It shows how powerful one’s drive to make their dreams come true really is. It is an amazing thing to hear the idea, pour your heart into it, until it catches fire. Yet an image that really puts that into perspective…which can be interpreted in many ways.

Even the simple task of starting a simple camp fire. While one can attempt to rub a stick against another by twisting and turning it. It is a tedious task to complete. But there are those who just know the tricks…that nobody else knows. If you apply pressure downward as you spin the stick over the pile below it…it increases friction…which in turn generates the heat; which in turn sparks the fire.

In music, you have a similar effect. A violinist may apply more pressure upon the bow as he/she plays to increase the intensity of the sound their instrument makes. Thus making it sound louder and more rich in sound.

How passionate are you about what you want to do in life? How intense is the effort that you are pouring into making your dream a reality. Is the music that is coming from your instrument just a silent whisper? Or does it fill the room that can not be missed upon entering your presence.

Not all greats were born with their talents. All greats started out small, and with a bit of passion. It is through practice that they were able to strive to become the great and amazing figures we know of today.

I take the time and effort to build upon this blog and all that I do for numerous reasons. Although I know where it is that I alone am going…am striving to help you do the same. Although my dreams might be personal…one that I can share with you is to see yours come to pass.

I dream to someday be able to sit at a table across from you discussing how you made it. Discussing how you have evolved to become this amazing person that you did not think that was inside of you. Amazing how when you thought you were alone in this world…with a few first steps were able to discover a world filled with people who shared your thoughts…your experiences…the same perspectives.

Because of you…people will come to discover that they are not so alone in this world. That there is someone like them out there who is in many ways like them. There are people out there waiting to discover the talents that lurk hidden inside of you. There are people out there who are hungry to hear your voice. There is an audience thirsty to hear the music that will erupt from your talents.

Don’t be afraid…hold your breath…step out into the spotlight. Hold your instrument high…and just when the silence has made that intimate moment special…Play upon your passion…Until It Catches Fire.

-Sir Arthur Tux

Beyond The Blog
When things catch fire in real life…then also catch attention. All people when pursuing their passion hits a point where their talents have reached a point at which they catch attention. The point at which they begin to catch attention, is what in this blog post is described as ‘Catching Fire’. Everyone can catch fire at a different points in time. Some faster than others. How we go about it, determines that one point. But really, over time it will catch on. And much like a fire, people will begin to share your message, what you do, and links to your content. Thus the idea, as the fire spreads online.
Now there is fire that can be good, and that…that can be bad. But its up to the person to help control it. At times, you will not be able to. But that is also OK. As for it will not only bring bad attention to you, but also good. Consider it, free advertising. Just be strong, wise, and persistent. Don’t snap at the bad, for that can cost you. Just be wise, and cautious. At times it may be best to just be quite and let the fire burn itself out if its bad.
Now focus on the good. Build on that, and add more to that positive flame.
To aid in the process, one must remove their focus from the numbers/stats. And should only focus on building their content base. It helps to also market to build an audience, as this can help accelerate people noticing. It is the goal of a ‘Media-preneur’ to catch attention. As attention can then result in profits when doing this right.
It is my goal to help you get there. To help you realize that you do not have to be a famous star to get started. Just push forward. At first it will seem to appear difficult. But with time, and as profits begin to slowly roll in…you will catch on and learn. With time you will get comfortable in your own skin…and slowly become re-born in this new life that you are creating for yourself.
The best of luck to you all, look forward to getting to know you. – Sir Arthur Tux.
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