The Early Bird That Caught His Wealth

The Early Bird That Caught His Wealth

Isn’t sleeping-in one of life’s greatest pleasures. It sure is indeed. I just love the passion the exists between my head and pillow. Intimate moments that should not be disturbed. And let karma release its wrath upon whom soever shall disturb such passionate moments.

Although rest is important, the dreamer is not able to get enough rest, although it desires to. How serious are you about making your first $60,000.00? If I showed you how you can make that money in less than a month, would you be willing to spring out of bed? What could you do with that amount of money? What would you pay off first? Would you reinvest wisely to make another $60,000.00…or perhaps even more?

Well, that is what this blog site is all about. Although I have been granted a wealth of knowledge, it is not in my heart to be selfish. I am interested in sharing my knowledge with you. That is of course, if you have the time and are willing to learn.

At this time I am writing a book called  ‘Blogger: Start Your Own Blog’. This book is designed for the beginner, to the experienced blogger. It will be the introduction to all of the information that I will be offering. This blog site as well will soon be filled with Posts about business tools, a review of other successful bloggers and how they made it from rags to riches.

After the release of my book close to the end of Dec. 2013; I will be holding a special webinar to discuss and show you how I made $60,000.00 in less than 30 days. So if you are curious to see how this story unfolds, like my facebook page and follow me online.

But it gets much better, for those who elect to purchase the book, there will be special online training sessions. As well periodically I might just contact you via e-mail or phone just to chat about how you are doing with the information contained in the book. It is not my goal to just sell you a book. It is my goal to see you succeed.

Well, best of wishes, and look forward to getting to know you soon. – Sir Arthur Tux. 

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