Salutations readers, This is Sir Arthur Tux,

I have created this blog after concluding my personal studies on how to build wealth online via Blog’s. There is a portion of Bloggers that are primarily driven by money, but although money is a decision making factor, it with time you will come to realize that its just a commodity.

We all have had a harsh start in getting ourselves off the ground. Today, after spending time Blogging and countless nights growing my platforms, have decided to now begin to bring my personal knowledge out to you.

Here at this blog we will be putting into perspective what does and does not work. Of the ideas and gimmicks out there, which ones are the most powerful. We will discuss the science (in laments terms) of how and why things work the way they do.

We will discuss both Free online tools that you can use to build your audience, as well as paid tools.

How Social Media can help you grow your audience, and the right and wrong ways to go about using Social Media to grow a business.

And so much more. All in due time to come. Here at “Secrets To Building Wealth Online”.

–Sir. Arthur Tux

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