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When Bored Men Became Gods

 It is not the first time that this topic has ever been discussed. I have personally heard and read upon this multiple times over past years. For quite sometime have been wanting to write a post about it. And here on Sir Arthur Tux, it makes sense to put such post here. Throughout human evolution, more »


Until It Catches Fire

‘Passion’ can be many things. It can be beautiful, sexy, powerful, elegant, seductive, and alluring. It shows how powerful one’s drive to make their dreams come true really is. It is an amazing thing to hear the idea, pour your heart into it, until it catches fire. Yet an image that really puts that into more »


The Early Bird That Caught His Wealth

The Early Bird That Caught His Wealth Isn’t sleeping-in one of life’s greatest pleasures. It sure is indeed. I just love the passion the exists between my head and pillow. Intimate moments that should not be disturbed. And let karma release its wrath upon whom soever shall disturb such passionate moments. Although rest is important, more »


Salutations readers, This is Sir Arthur Tux, I have created this blog after concluding my personal studies on how to build wealth online via Blog’s. There is a portion of Bloggers that are primarily driven by money, but although money is a decision making factor, it with time you will come to realize that its more »